It’s a fact. Convert more of your website visitors into customers with BreezeTact.

Having your customers connect with your business will now be a breeze with BreezeTact!
Using just three helpful buttons, BreezeTact will boost your business’ mobile site for maximum customer conversions.

The first button rapidly dials the phone number of your business for a speedy contact between you and your customers. The second  button allows your customers to email you with ease. The third button is up for customization according to your individual needs. The feature can help users locate your business on a map and find directions to it. You can also help your customers book a quick appointment with you.

Options geared towards helping your potential customers are endless!

BreezeTact is a go-to tool for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). So sit back and let BreezeTact make it easy for your mobile visitors to contact you and turn them into real customers.

What’s Included:

  • Split Testing – Customize the colour of each of the three buttons and see what works better. Colour customization allows for you to choose colours that stand out more, or colours that identify more with your business.
  • Complete Customization – Take customization further with the ability to remove one or more buttons should you feel and see that they aren’t garnering your website as many clicks as you’d like.
  • Click Tracking – Keep track of how many clicks each button is receiving, making it easier to determine if your specific customizations are having a positive or negative effect

Connect with us to learn more:

Connect with us to learn more: